Further Information

How will I know it is working?

It will become clear your child is benefiting almost straight away. This is because we are focused on individual goals which are targeted from day one. It is also important to note a key factor in successful tutoring is regular sessions and attendance. This creates a habit of learning and becomes more of a lifestyle as opposed to seen as a chore by your children. We strive to ensure all tutoring sessions are enjoyed by making them uniquely focused, relevant and of course fun to ensure your child is willing to come back.

It is also important to note if something is not working we will address it. We are motivated to find a means that works for you and your child even if it is not traditional. We will use our key teaching methods and adapt to your child’s needs. We will not force teaching methods on your child and expect positive results. We pride ourselves in regular parent-teaching meetings to demonstrate progress and address concerns from the teacher and parent. This ensures transparent and successful learning by keeping you and your child inspired and motivated at all times.


We understand this year has not been the way we all had planned and has made us all feel fearful for what the future holds especially as parents of children due to COVID 19.

Many children have suffered this past year by not only lacking the sociable aspect of life but also their education being affected. With no face to face teaching it has been a struggle for both teachers and students to adapt to online learning. However, on a more positive note this has gave us the chance to better a service that already existed on the market.

Online teaching and tutoring is nothing like it used to be with all the new software’s and apps, learning could not be easier. This means even if there are more lockdown’s and government guidelines which cease face to face teaching, online teaching will still continue and effectively manage you and your child’s expectations.

We are here to keep everyone safe and will abide by the government guidelines but also ensure your child’s education does not suffer. We understand how essential it is to give each child the time required to grasp concepts as this has been a tough year for them. You can be assured we are fully equipped and trained to ensure they overcome this hurdle and flourish in their education to ensure a secure future.

Our Teaching Staff, Methods and Expertise

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. Albert Einstein

We provide one-to-one tuition in small groups and the task is both delivered and explained with an opportunity for discussion. This stimulates an academic conversation in the students and it creates a relaxed sociable atmosphere. All children are given individual attention and are given a tailored teaching programme with compulsory learning outcomes to pass.

We also focus on independent learning for when at home as this mirrors the school approach to ensure they are also confident in a school setting.

We have a range of teachers from varying backgrounds that cater to differing tuition styles and methods. It is imperative children are taught in a way that suits their needs and not vice versa. All our teaching staff are trained to understand the learning patterns of students and teach in the most effective way.

Additionally, all our teaching is very tutor lead and does not involve independent study during their tutor hours. This ensures the student will make the most of each and every session and can independently work in key objectives after with the option of our ‘open door policy’ to contact us if needed.

Our teachers are at hand to discuss your child’s progress every session to ensure you are also actively involved in their learning. Research has proven when a student has family and strong teacher involvement and tailored teaching methods they are most successful at progressing. At Brain Box Ltd you can be assured we will continually improve and enhance all our methods to ensure all students get what they need to succeed in their studies.

We provide your student with the required teaching tools that are required to facilitate their learning. This includes both software for IT technology and also paper materials required for practicality and practicing of the syllabus.

Our classes are based upon the curriculum taught at your child’s school, thus there is no need to worry that the teaching will clash but instead be assured it will harmonise your child’s learning. Your child will feel comfortable and at ease that they are not having to learn new subjects on top of normal school work and instead be confident in their learning due to the familiarity.