Training Managment

So how does this sound?

If your company has four or more different courses from us per year we will manage your training service FREE OF CHARGE!

What does that mean?

  • We will, on a quarterly basis, provide you with a training matrix. This will detail all of the courses that you have to stay on top of as well as all of your team that need training. Using a 'traffic light' approach you will see at a glance, who is up to date, who is due a refresher and who is out of date (Green/Amber/Red). This is sent to you on an A3 colour printed form as well as electronically. We will do this for ALL of your training - not just the courses that we deliver. We believe that you should be able to continue to choose your providers. All we need is a register and we'll keep the matrix up-to-date. Let us know when you take on new team members or when existing team members leave and we'll keep everything running smoothly for you. To help you better plan pro-actively and manage your training budget, rather than 'fire-fight' your training needs, we'll sit down with you each year and discuss what training you'll need and plan in the sessions. This will help you allocate staff over the year. Don't need a course that’s booked in - don't worry! We will use the information from your training matrix to identify courses that are high need and those that are not. We'll be constantly updating you and, if you have a course planned that isn’t needed, we'll make sure you're aware so that it can be cancelled.
  • You want a course tailored to your specific needs or to match your policy? We'll do it for you FREE OF CHARGE! Why pay for something that doesn't meet your needs...? You'll not get that usual answer of "Yes we can do it but it will cost 'x' amount for consultancy fees!"
  • Any Health & Safety Consultancy that you may need will be delivered at a discounted rate. This includes audits and policy development/design.
  • Want a course that we don’t deliver? We will source courses for you and negotiate prices on your behalf to ensure you always get the best value

At The Brainbox Group we believe in going the extra mile...

It will be like having a training department that you don't have to pay for!

Why do we do this - what’s the catch? There isn't one! We believe that, the more we do for you the more you'll spread the word and the more you'll want to keep using us.

Good, old fashioned, customer service!!


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