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"Putting Life And Education Back Into Our Community" 

This is why we ensure our teaching is softly centred to the individual’s needs and not old style textbook methods. We pride ourselves in a range of specialist teaching methods that will cater to your child’s individual needs.


Benefits of Studying at Brain Box Academy

Our teaching staff have high quality methods and cover age groups from 5-16 including GCSE and A-level students.

We cover all three core subjects of Maths, Science and English to ensure your child has subject options suited to their academic needs. Our services include private tuition after compulsory school hours including evening and weekends to suit flexible schedules. Our tuition is closely linked to that taught to your child at school to complement their strengths and improve their weak academic areas.

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Brain Box Academy Ltd provides Free tutoring for parents that are working a minimum of 16hrs a week. It is also common in most cases parents/guardians will be able claim free help towards tuition with the many schemes available from the government.

There are four different options to funding which are Private, Universal Credit, Tax Credits and Student Finance.

  • Private tuition is entirely funded by parents/guardians.

  • Universal Credit funding is available to those who have both parents/guardians working. This entitlement is a claim for help towards the care of your child.

  • Tax Credits is available to working partners and/or if one parent/guardian works and/or a carer. You can then claim towards the child care in the form of private tuition.

  • Student’s that are in full-time education can take advantage of the child care grant scheme through the student loan’s company by applying for funding.


BrainBox Academy has improved my childs results so much.

Qasim Shah


Our sessions are affordable.

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We provide a discounted rate on tutoring for bulk sessions.

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